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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  April 10, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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we'll see you back here tomorrow at 5 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show now stay tuned for the "fox report" with jon scott starting right now. ♪ ♪ >> we're following breaking news out of utah where two deputies were shot today leaving one in critical condition. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report." >> the salt lake county sheriff office says both shot in the face and to init a hospital where one is in critical other in stable condition both are expected to survive. both were part of the jail campus security team police say the unidentified suspect is now dead. jeff paul live in los angeles with the latest on that. jeff. >> yeah jon sheriff? salt lake city gave an update saying one of the deputies was shot in the face and likely be released from the hospital soon.
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the other is in critical but stable condition. both are expected to survive. and have a long way to recovery. >> mentally is it is tough on both of us. and they have a lot to go through, and a lot of other deputy it is too. you know all of the responding and everyone that cares for them. >> investigators say this involves two deputies who were tasked with patrolling the sheriffs office and jail campus authorities saying they were out on active patrols this morning when they encounters man on the property in a grassy area. well the sheriff doesn't know exactly what caused situation to effect late she says shots were fired by the suspect. the deputies then returned fire, killing the unnamed shooter. investigators don't know what the suspect was doing on the property. but say the gun used was in his possession. the sheriff says what make this is shooting even more tough is that location.
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them getting involved in an officer-involved shooting is slim. and so this -- this is the shocking to hear. but at the end of the day we're all going to be okay. >> investigators say the deputy shot in the face has quite a bit of damage to his face from where the bullet grazed through his cheek. the other deputy who was shot in the eye, he's expected to go into surgery soon. sheriff rivera says these incidents are very devastating for the department. he's hoping and praying that her deputies will be okay calling the environment for law enforcement extremely dangerous right now. jon. >> jeff fall reporting live jeff, thank you. >> we are also following news out of los angeles three children were found stabbed to death in an apartment all of them under age of five. police have taken 30-year-old liliana carrillo into custody in connection with their death authorities say she's the mother
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of the three toddlers. president biden takes the first step towards potentially packing the u.s. supreme court. signing -- an executive order to create a commission that will study changes to the nation's highest court. including the number of justices and term limits. in the past, the president has said he's, quote, not a fan of court packing, but the extreme left of his party is pushing him hard. david spunt live at white house now with more. david. >> hi jon as u.s. senator from the state of delaware, joe biden spent years on the senate judiciary committee he talked about the supreme court often, not only was he not a fan of packing the court adding justices to the supreme court, he had this to say about president franklin roosevelt court packing plan. listen. >> he violated no law. he was legals iically absolutely correct but it was a bone head idea.
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it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. >> in 2019 jon the supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg liberal icon on bench said, quote, nine seems to be a good number referring to amount of justices. other justices both liberal and conservative have said in the past, leave the number alone, nine seems to be working. during the campaign candidate biden promise a 180 day commission to look at multiple issues on high court including potentially expanding the court that white house this week announce that it is kicking off that study, the announcement made of a 36 person bipartisan commission via an executive order. ironically, though, last week, just a few days before this executive order, came to be from the white house, justice stephen breyer on the bench since 1994, spoke about the perils of adding more seats. >> structural alteration motivated by the perception of political influence can only feed that latter perception.
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further eroding that trust -- >> a republican at least those in congress are blasting the idea even of a commission taking aim at the democratic party. the party currently ruling washington in 2021. >> also understand that for us to ever undo it, we have to control both chambers and get the presidency, and who knows when that might occur and that's when i'm most worried about is crafting that solution, those ideas once we get the chance again. >> but the president's team jon quick no final decisions will be made until at least the fall when they present it to the president. nothing can even be done without congress and looking back in history, when the supreme court was formed there were just six justices on the bench there have been nine justices sitting only the high court of the united states since 1869 four years after the ends of the civil war.
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>> david spunt at the white house david, thank you. >> well more lawmakers are heading to our southern border as the migrant surge there shows no sign of letting up. neither president biden nor vice president harris has announced any immediate plans to visit the region. even as border apprehensions surge and the number of children trying to enter the country alone reaches its highest level ever. rich edson is live in la jolla texas with the latest. rich. reporter: good evening, jon, and we're about a mile away from the rio grand river which is the border with mexico. this morning we arrived here border patrol apprehended about 100 migrants and throughout the day of processing them, buses have been coming vans have been coming to take the children, families those who were alone -- to different facilities for processing. border patrol says this is a daily occurrence here. this is what they're seeing throughout the day. the rio grand valley more than a 240% increase, at this point the
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fiscal year, then migrants and they have seen one fiscal year ago at the same point. you've also got a daily a car insurance in way of congressional delegation lawmakers coming down here to see this surge firsthand. >> we're going to see more migrants surge than i think i've ever seen in the secretary said in last 20 years i think it is going to be worst we've ever seen. >> real crisis is what families are living through desperation that they face how that drives them to our nation's front door. there is an additional crisis, though, that is -- a crisis of leadership thatten spas decades. >> and some more statistics, custom and border protections saying they've encountered nearly 19,000 unaccompany children, that's for the month of march, that is a largest total of any month ever record. there are also reports texas
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officials are saying, that they are receiving reports of children being assaulted at some of the hhs health an human services facilities. hhs has a comment on this saying, quote, hhs has a zero tolerance policy for all forms of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and inappropriate sexual behavior at all uc care provider facilities we will continue investigating any incident affecting children's health, well being, and safety and we'll take the proper measures. now the white house had appointed ambassador rebecca to be coordinator and white house announce late last week that she would be stepping down at the end of the month white house framing that as she was expected to serve the full first 100 days and then when that comes to an end she would move beyond that. we do expect to get a vet from the department of homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas expected to come to two different location on border on thursday that's according to
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local reports. jon back to you opinion jon: rich edson from la jolla, texas, rich, thanks. well president biden is asking congress to authorize a massive 1.5 trillion dollar spending plan covering everything from education and health research to climate change. lucas tomlinson takes closer look at what's inside. reporter: jon, president biden thinks that expanding not shrinking the federal government is the answer to fixing the country's problems. white house press secretary jen psaki says parties have changed than previous administration in this first budget. >> our country is confronting historic crises pandemic, climate change and reckoning on racial injustice at the same time we have a legacy of chronic underinvestment in our view and priorities vital to long-term success so president is focused on reversing this trend. >> is.5 trillion defense budget represents 16% increase in domestic spending. and include it is 14 billion
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dollars to fight climate change. but the defense budget stayed flat and will decrease when accounting for inflation. republican senator joni member of arm service committee took, the snub. quote america adversaries steadily chipped away at our war fighters technological advantages and business transfers and stealing or developing new abilities now is not the time to slow investment in our international defense and said for success is sufficient and responsible fudging funding for pentagon and a fence budget doesn't achieve that and white house proposed a separate 2.3 trillion dollar plan to fix infrastructure. a more formal budget due later this spring, which will include social security, last year accounted for 23% of the federal budgets. jon. jon: lucas tomlinson. lucas, thank you. for more on our top stories begin with growing crisis at the southern border republican
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lawmakers questioning roll back of trump era border policies calling on president biden to restart border wall construction. joining us now kansas senator roger march whocial visited the border last month -- senator, thanks for being with us this evening. what did you see when you were there? j well jon it is a crisis. it is a humanitarian crisis it is healthy crisis -- it is a national security crisis. we've done humanitarian mission trips across the entire world and this reminds me of a third world country where our doctors and nurses are border guard is overwhelmed by mass number of people, even compared to when this was at its worst three years ago i would imagine it is four to five times more crowded conditions are, are horrible right now. and you know this all goes back to president biden reversing president trump policies and almost immediately upon president biden inauguration, mexico stopped cooperating and the floodgates are open now and
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simply overwhelmed board guards no longer able to do the job they're supposed to be doing instead those border guard folks are being nurses and moms to the kids and folks that need help. jon: why is it that president bide j and vice president harris afterall has been put in charge of the border situation why hasn't either one them gone down there? >> that's the great question. i think that they want this situation, they want this crisis. they've done the political calculation they think it helps their party i guess it simply doesn't make sense. certainly turning their back on humanitarian issue alone, the kids that are being sexually abused you realize after every person we catch there's two more that are getting through the border. and those are probably folks that frankly are the terrorist and folks and drug runners those types of people as well. jon: chad wolf had some suggestions on what the biden administration should do. he, of course, served in dhs
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under president trump. listen to chad wolfe now. >> if they continue to treat this crisis as a capacity issue and continue to build more facilities and throw more and more money at it it is only going to encourage additional numbers of my graduates coming across that border so we're in april now. so april may, june, july you're going to continue to see numbers increase until they start to get serious about enforcement of our lawings on that southern border -- and until they start treating the problem -- >> does he have a point, i mean, biden administration is, you know, a hotel room and housing migrants on military bases -- it doesn't seem like there's a considered effort to stop them from crossing the border. >> no, this will actually invite more and again, americans need to realize 50 to 70,000 per person coming across to give them doctors, nursing all of the supplies food they need as well. so this is actually this putting
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more holes in the dam we have to fix the dam when i flew along border it is so frrgt to see hundreds of walls built but gates are not in place yet and i've been toldz by good sources that the federal government is now paying -- the contracts down there 40,000 a day to not work. to not finish the job as well so whatever, whatever the solutions are about it starts with securing our border. we need to finish the wall we've got to get those gates but the in as well we don't want to be inviting. and we can't handle anymore people right now. >> let's talk a little bit about -- the president's announcement this week that he's going to be appointing a commission to study the idea of increasing the number of justices. packing the supreme court -- your take on that. >> well, look nine is just fine. nine is just fine. this is another example of a power grab and it frankly is hypocritical. most of the senators and
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democrat side president are pushing this and been against this and now they have a chance to pack the court they're in favor of it so it is a power grab it will be very, very bad for this nation right now. this is not what we need this is part of their far radical agenda that's going on. one more example of a power grab, hr1, having to do request the election law that's a power grab that would put democrats in control then they stacked the court and they control all of the different branches of the government. so it would be a sad, sad day for america. >> yeah, hr1 -- part of the plan would be to grant statehood to washington, d.c. right? you graduate statehood to d.c. you've got two more democratic senators and -- certainly democrat representative in the senate in perpetuity. >> right so we lose the filibuster along with that, and then we end up with a packed supreme court so the president is setting the stage and acting as extreme liberal so whoever is in charge of his policy it
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doesn't feel like it is him. it feels like there's somebody behind scenes that is just doing this extreme radical policy and this would be part of it. >> let's talk about major league baseball pulling the all star game out of atlanta because of its perceived unfair new voting law. a number of businesses seem fine with that -- delta airlines, and other coca-cola -- they're also criticizing the new law. what's the effect of all of that, do you think? >> well, i want to put this in perspective what is the value of getting to vote for the president of the united states once every four years we get to vote for the president. at the same time, if i was going to go to major league baseball game or to the all star game i have to show my id to get those tickets. so in comparison of the value don't you think that the value of voting for the president of the united states has even more, more value in that? so look, i think that the supermajority of americans want
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election integrity and want some type of voter id i think that's what this is about and in case of georgia they gave a -- safer freer election, higher integrity, more access to voting. it actually probably just raised bar from -- from georgia maybe 45th in nation for election to integrity to raise the maybe to -- somewhere in the middle to 25th. i'm not sure how this will impact their businesses but i can tell you i'm a huge baseball fan with planning on going national game here next week. and i've already had some people cancel on it because of it some of my favorite friends who we text each other when it is time for pitchers and catchers and tell them to stop following baseball so i think americans will probably find other -- past times to do it is a sad day. i think people are overreacting we're tired of being canceled i think that's what really it is. just hypocritical and we're tired of being canceled i don't mind being woke up on sundays and my pastor saying here's
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think about what's going on but we don't like being shook out of beds every day. jon: play ball don't worry about the politics. >> through qo go. jon: roger marshall republican of kansas. thank you, senator. >> thank you. jon: new york city police officers harassed in public. people taunting those officers in a car in manhattan this week. just the latest in a series of incidents involving police, and protesters -- in the big apple. next why the police union is now blaming politicians for this. mg day and night until... [ ding ] success! that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, and banking. [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops
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jon: somewhat surprising bipartisan effort, democrats in the texas state senate overwhelmingly voted for a conservative backed bill that would require prosports teams with state contracts there to play the national anthem before games. the bell game traction after the dallas mavericks briefly stopped playing the anthem before games earlier this year. supposedly in solidarity with players protesting racial injustice. the texas house of representatives still has to approve the measure. >> big cities are seeing a spike in crime and local governments are trying to figure out how to respond to it. when there are still calls to defund the police, meanwhile some cops on the job are facing
3:23 pm
outright public hostility laura ingle live with more about a disturbing incident. laura. >> good evening jon you know here in new york there was an disingts that was recorded and it is now making the rounds on social media many people calling a disturbing incident with two police officers sitting in their vehicle being harassed and now, the city's laureling largest police union is also sharing that video to show the public what its officers are up against. [bleep] [bleep] >> people get the [bleep] out. >> confrontation tuesday shows several men vowngtd surrounding an nypd suv and one hurling profanity insults about officers wives two officers sit inside with the windows rolled up before they drive away. now, this is just the latest in a string of incidents with police as protesters and defund
3:24 pm
police groups continue to rally against law enforcement after the death of george floyd last year. in new york city, crime has gone up in several major categories murder, have risen nearly 20% and the number shooting incidents rose over 56% so far in 2021, compared to this state in 2020. the police union in new york came out yesterday and said we know these hateers don't speak for the community but politicianings think they do that's the problem. and also other cities around country also seeing not just a rise in crime steps but ongoing hostility towards police too. cities such as austin texas, philadelphia, oakland, california, have seen a spike in homicides while battling antipolice rhetoric as many departments are having their budget cut with the defend police movement now new york city counsel voted last july to cut one billion dollars from the nypd's budget giving instead to education services and social services. you know some are wongsdering if
3:25 pm
that has anything to do with what we're seeing here and mayor office and nypd on what happened this last week waiting to see what comment. >> seeing what happened for police recruiting. laura ingle laura, thank you. meantime amid unprecedented rise in deadly gun violence city leadership is trying a new tactic dan springer has details. >> from random vehicle shoots to worst night months of homicide in city's history, the streets of port land have never been more dangerous city on pace to shatter all time murder record and already been 25 homicides, 288 confirm shootings, and 92 gun fire injuries this year. violent crime wave follows months of unrest and defunding of the police. and department stripped of 15 million dollars and 84 officers.
3:26 pm
115 have quit since july down nearly 20% from a year ago. and there's a hiring freeze. mayor ted wheeler and several black pastors call for more money for the police. >> there's a need for higher police presence and response to the level of violence that has now taken hold of can hold of our sitting. but the city council has taken a different approach. this week it approved millions of dollars for community groups already receiving grants and the hiring of 24 unarmed park rangers. >> park rangers are going to have that great of an impact that's not what they're trained for or hired for. that's not what they signed on for they don't even have bliss tick vest for protection. >> just last weekend two rangers with chased out of this downtown park by a man carrying paint ball gun and machete they called police for help. the counsel did allow for the revival of the police department's gun violence if team but it will be smaller and have civilian oversight.
3:27 pm
and will take from an already deflated and depleted force. >> we're so lean right now it is really hard to find a place where there's a dozen officers to pull from. in explaining why no money per cop the city council wrote, quote, increase funding is the wrong place to start. we must plan to transform our community safety system into one that is right for port land time will tell if park rangers armed only with pepper spray and radios will have any impact on the out of control gun violence? seattle dan springer fox news. jon: nearly half the new coronavirus cases here in the united states are in five states. next, what they can do try to stop the spread as more and more americans continue to get vaccinations. plus this -- >> jon, severe weather continuing to sweep its way across the country just recently in portions of florida we've seen hail, we've seen strong winds and isolated tornadoes. i'm going to be tracking these
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on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. jon: amazon workers in alabama have voted against forming a union request a online retail giant but the union say it is plan to pursue further action accusing amazon of interfering with the vote. charles watson live in mississippi. charles. reporter: hi jon retail wholesale department store union says it will challenge the election and ask national labor relations board to set the results aside. this as the union accuses amazon of illegally interfering with workers rights to vote qhawgz the union describes as confusion and fear retaliation among employees that amazon alabama warehouse wwsu accusing retail giant of harvarding votes and says it has direct evidence to prove it.
3:33 pm
we believe rerun lex is going to be very likely. we don't know when it will be but under current labor law people feel they can break the law pretty much with a without serious repercussions. >> amazon released a statement pushing back on those claims saying it is easy to predict union will say that amazon won this election because we intimidated employees but that's not true our employees heard far more anti-amazon messages from the union, policymakers, and media outlets than they heard from us of the 3,000 plus amazon employee who is voted in the election, 1,798 said no to forming union opposed to 738 who voted yes and despite there being more than 500 votes that are being challenged, the nlrb saying there are not enough outstangsding votes to change the election results rather.
3:34 pm
senator bernie sanders who has been a huge supporter of workers having the right to unionize said he was disappointed in the results would not surprise he's now calling for stronger labor laws meanwhile, labor experts say amazon workers and in alabama and elsewhere have other options available to them and including the formation of a minority union. bargain on behalf of the workers who pay deuce and draw organization. but those 700 workers have something that can make -- that can create a vehicle for them to raise this issue. with the company -- >> and nlrb says both sides amazon and rwdsu have five day after election results and certified to challenge any aspects of the election that they have problems with, again, the union says they plan on doing that jon keep keep an eye on this back to you.
3:35 pm
>> charles watson thank you, charles. j well five states now make up nearly half of the nation's new coronavirus cases. together new york, michigan, florida, pennsylvania, and new jersey account for 44% of all new tinfections according to john hopkins university. let's bring in john hopkins public health professor doctor marty mccarey author of the price we pay and fox news medical contributor in florida those states are in the northeast. is there something about the geography that causes the rate of infections to be so high? >> well pandemic is regional and it is based on how much natural immunity is there from prior infections how well the state is doing with their vaccine rollout, and the seasonal variation that we normally see with coronaviruses. five states right now are making up almost half of the infectionings with michigan, leading the way that's in part
3:36 pm
because they're doing intensive testing. especially in kids that are going to sporting events, and they're also at the same time doing intensive testing outbreak of people age 10 to 19 that's most common group right now. that is getting infected, also, some long-term facilities were not adequately protected. they've got 39 outbreaks there, and some correctional facilities in addition to the b117 being dominant in michigan they've got a real problem right now in young people especially those with obesity and chronic conditions need to be very careful. jon: you wrote wall street journal op-ed a week or so ago there was a quite interesting you suggested that america should be following the lead of nations like britain, and israel which have taken two dose vaccine and tried to get as many people to get the first dose as possible before they get the second dose. what is the effect of that, doctor? >> you know we're very good at laboratory science in the united states but our experts have not been very good at rationing
3:37 pm
science, and rationing is a whole different ballgame and our public health officials have not been comfortable with rationing. but we've been doing it ever since the vaccine came out. the u.k. did it right and focus on first doses, and it makes sense jon you get 92% protection at four weeks after that first dose. delaying second dose to 12 weeks almost doubles your vaccine supply for two months. and there's no downside to it. and that's what michigan needs to be doing right now. it mac makes sense if there are people swimming in the ocean and life reservers why give two to one person when you could save more lives. that's what we need to be doing. >> dr. fauci doesn't seem to agree with you he doesn't seem to like the idea of limiting, you know, first doses to a number of people and -- you know holding off on the second dose. >> that's right our public i and privately talked to dr. fauci about this. he has a different philosophy and he's really basing it on fear of the unknown that is he's
3:38 pm
uncomfortable delaying second dose because it might be possible that immune protection drops off at 6 weeks what we have not seen that in the u.k.. israeli data is clear that u.k. data is clear they vaccinated 61% of their population, and what we've learned is once you get 50% of your adult population vaccinated, then you give it about two weeks for that immunity to kick in and you see cases plummet and that's exactly why the u.k. is it basically on the brink of herd immunity right now. >> you said that -- that the death rate in the united states given the two dose vaccine regime is 20 times as high as it is in britain even though the population there is -- is much lower. >> they did the right way and what we're seeing now is sort of a refusal to look at that data. that's what michigan has to do right now -- to combat these outbreaks among young people. now, some states are basically
3:39 pm
close to 50% of their adult population anyway. that new mexico is leading way with 52% of their adult population. they're going hit herd immunity early, california is close. alaska -- north dakota, new hampshire is very close, but unfortunately this pandemic is regional and we've got to pox on areas that are still struggling. jon: and nations like germany are still pursuing lockdowns. they're pursuing lockdown and we they have a low vaccination rate and that is a recipe for disaster and in germany and in france, they have low vaccination rates, and they're doing lockdowns, and they're seeing surges in the midst of that. we should learn from that experience. jon: so if you could wave a magic wanked and you know get some of the other states onboard, you would tell them, to try to limit the number of second dose it is to make sure you get as many first doses as possible into as many arms as possible. >> i got my first vaccine dose
3:40 pm
yesterday, jon and i'm going to be getting my second dose at 12 weeks. that was very difficult because the schedulers insist that you come back at that scheduled three or four week interval but i strongly believe that data are very clear now we see this with other vaccines with hpv shingles delay to 12 weeks longer spacing interval that is generally speaking, the better the immune protection. and so i encourage michigan, and other states right now to instantly double their vaccine supply by postponing those second dose by two more months and by the way, a lot of public health experts have been saying that. many of them and i outline all of their opinions in that wall street journal piece. jon: well i'm scheduled for my second dose this week doctor you're making me feel a little bit guilty. [laughter] >> i don't blame people getting their second dose but should be differently. >> they told me to come back. this week -- doctor -- >> glad you're getting fully vaccinated. jon: thank you.
3:41 pm
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jon: here are other headlines from argued the globe in iran officials mark nuclear technology day with launch of advance sing and reiterated iran commitment to nonproliferation as negotiators prepare for another round of talks to possibly restore the 2015 nuclear deal. meanwhile iran has enforced a ten-day lockdown amid a fourth wave of covid. the country saw a spike in numbers following a two-week public holiday for the persian new year. in turkey, president erdogan met with ukrainian counterpart in midst of the heightened tensions between kiev and moscow in the region. erdogan says turkey is ready to provide any necessary support in serbia block traffic outside the building and they're protesting a lack of government action to
3:47 pm
prengt pollution by mining companies and other industries. and on the partly evacuated caribbean islands of st. vein a second and third eruption locked the volcano sending sploak and ash nearly 50,000 feet into the sky. experts warn explosions could continue for days -- or even weeks. in united kingdom tributes pouring in for prince philip husband of late queen elizabeth at the age of 99 benjamin hall has more on tributes and the funeral plans. jon:reporter: just this afternon details of the prince phillip funeral has been altered because of covid. it will attack place next saturday at 10 eastern and in georgia chapel windsor 30 family members will attend, and it will be televised. arrange account they say will celebrate and reflect his life
3:48 pm
of service members led by prince charles will walk behind prince flip's coffin which will be carried on especially adapted land rover that prince phillip himself helped to design. the queen will travel separately to the chapel there will be a strong military element to the event. speaking earlier prince charles thanked public for their support. >> this is a very special test -- i think above all would have been amazed by the reaction and the touching things and from that part of our family deeply grateful. >> there have been gun salutes around the world today and a stream of people condolences to the palace members was royal family have been visiting the queen at windsor following duke there and prince phillip will be known for lifelong commitment to duty, charity but also known for his straight talking and at times his politically incorrect sense of humor. he was a military man at call one of the last remaining world
3:49 pm
war ii veterans in the u.k. and he embodied the values of the wartime generation, keep calm and carry on buckingham palace announce that prince harry will attend funeral meghan markle, however, will not an remain in california because she's pregnant expecting their baby in the summer. jon. >> benjamin hall in london. benjamin, thank you. that's a look at some stories from around the globe. ♪ ♪ severe storms turning deadly in the southern u.s. as more storms are expected to hit the region in near future how dangerous might things get a look at the forecast, next. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop. get a hobby. you should meditate. eat crunchy foods. go for a run. go for 10 runs!
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jon: texas congressman dan crenshaw says he'll be effectively blind for few weeks after undergoing emergency eye surgery to repair detached retina in left eye and navy s.e.a.l. veteran lost to an ied blast in afghanistan. crenshaw says he doses not the plan on doing interviews on post on social media xepght per health updates while he recovers. at least one dead and several others injured in louisiana after severe weather tow through the gulf states. stormed knock down trees flooded rivers and dropped baseball
3:54 pm
sized hail. and more dangerous weather is on the way meteorologist adam klotz live now with the full forecast. adam. >> hey there jon i need weather eight to folks in control room but i can begin with tropical storm this severe storm graphic is where we see right behind me and portion of south carolina, that is a tornado storm underground but guys in the control room if you're paying attention i need graphics on weather 8 for me to flip through these. but it has been set up along a frontal boundary that's what we're paying attention to continuing to do so. can we get those graphics flipped over to weather 8? to folks in the control room -- otherwise i can't continue on with -- with this particular grafng. otherwise, there we go that's what i wanted to show you this is a bigger picture so we have frontal boundary sweeping across eastern half the of the country there's a tornado that's on the ground in south carolina but really the heavier system right now is a little bit further to
3:55 pm
the south we've seen storm reports here in last couple of hours everything from the blue that's a hail report. we've seen really strong winds at too many just absolute downpours with this. there's been localized flooding across portion of the southeast here for last couple of days. now, from now heading on through the rest of the night i do think the real target at this point is an area from jacksonville down tampa you see that leading edge of severe weather that's a spot to pay attention to and this has been bull's-eye throughout the day from storm prediction center with an area from tampa up towards jacksonville. where you do have the best chance of seeing those winds up to 60 miles per hour. the hail, isolated tornadoes and, of course, that flash-flooding throughout the course of the entire weekend. future forecast tabes you throughout the next couple of hours takes that out of florida, and then you start to watch that whole symptom in mid-atlantic and northeast the good news is thatten cans aren't there for that to be severe weather so some thunderstorms tonight. if you lover in east coast with those not be severe thunderstorms. by any stretch of the
3:56 pm
imagination, and this is basically what we should be seeing this time of year this is our april tornado probability. we typically see those storms sweeping across the southeast, though, so unfortunately probably there will be more of these before too much longer. jon out to you. jon: meteorologist adam klotz, adam thanks. and we'll be right back.
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4:00 pm
ago near capitol and the popular blue lagoon spa, and they don't know how long the lava will continue to flow and scene is attraction thousands of people flocking to the area to see this site. that's how fox reports this saturday april 10th, 2021 i'm jon scott. ♪ ♪ >> hello america i'm mark levin this is "life, liberty & levin" we do this show differently write bring people on who i think are really quite special have something really interesting, and often profound to say. we have two such guests tonight. jason whitlock lon too many journalist byron donalds who caught my attention as well jason whitlock how are you my friend? >> a


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